In​-​Terror​-​gation: The Red Tape

by AscendedMasters


AscendedMasters Hawaii

Ascended Masters is a hip hop duo consisting of Bliss (emcee) and DeeAre (producer). They have a nice boom bap, jazzy influence of music along with a peaceful message of love, peace and positivity. The truth lyrics haunt you to change your way of thinking and become aware of your environment. Don't follow the corrupted and political agenda. Rise above and open your mind. Peace ... more

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Track Name: Coal Cash & Bliss - Levee Breaker - Coal Cash & Bliss ( A Perfect Cypher)
Coal Cash:
Whats the masters word? I wonder if you heard the tragic truth / would the proof be to advanced for witches that dance to the magic flute / from root to branch its all the expanse of demonology / knowledge of heathen mystics mixed with hedonistic qualities /apologies if you missed it for they twist it like Fibonacci / Anunnaki soothsayer lord Maitreya gayer then Liberace /Delivered Nazi enduring during the Nuremberg lawmen / then forming Bilderberg for gold purged with Martian Bormann /the Mormon religion formed by a thirty third degree Shriner /now thats some kinda faith when you can legally rape a minor / its kinda like dick and vagina the designers of square and compass /among us with wondrous flair their war fair will ensnare the youngest / they hung us with bricks in pocket so Copers would know to close the case / placed to a greater tow when the hoodwink gos and they expose there face /a place to show whos knows, that they control the villager /Transmuting led to gold from meteors holding yellow silica / the Templar pillager killin ya for the trick of alchemist /the Brother Garland in league with the Charlatans of Auschwits /How about this there aint shit true in ya history /and that wasn't true then there would be no schools of mystery / metaphysically fooled us so they can rule us from secrecy / some Schumann Resonance known as F # (Sharp) in its frequency / with human evidence that its more then my thoughts that speak through me /proving my eminence through all the things that I seek to Free

fuck your speeches
buckin shots at ya thesis
we the nameless preachers
speakin thought movements
this is psychokinesis
title ya species
constantly bleetin
til ya leakin
the hidden hands peakin
the others reachin
bleedin creatures
hidden symbols
minerva, the owl
and the all seeing eye
you live in limbo
while the lingo
manipulates the mind
sendin signals
in subliminal form
to intimidate the blind
and incriminate the lines
fuck your censorship
matter fact dont bleep the clout
this is me im speakin out
while i beat your peach in
It's a brave new world
order through chaos
in the new age
but 1984 can't even fuck
with this new day
end the fed
they bled the dead
til blue was red
and all the green
you met
had all the meanest heads
of elitist men
with the word God entrenched
on its back
like an invitation
to hell's den
well then
tails spin
wag the dog friend
let's all pretend it's all in zen
as the world ends
and the radiation fries
and we slaves to corporations
the WTO, world bank
sexin with the IMF
to birth a one world nation
everything you know is a lie my friends
its all a part of the plan yo
just read the book of daniel
with the rothschild
his red shield
sign his name on the manual
the rosy cross
and jesuit lodge
ring around the pedophiles
tote the flock
insinuate cost
bring about the ledger files
hegemon vatican ties
soaked in white collar crimes
unspeakable fines
we livin in unspeakable times
with unreachable minds
and unbelievable binds
that find its way to sign
your soul on the dotted lines
plottin ungodly bombings
martial law and FEMA coffins
so I ain't stoppin
til they walkin on their noggins
floggin and sobbin
droppin on their knees grovelin
or drownin in solvents and problem solvin
fuck all that shit you talkin