Reflexions - Ascended Masters

by Bliss & DeeAre (Ascended Masters)

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This is a FREE EP, Written and Recorded in one day, on 10-21-2012,


released October 21, 2012

Ascended Masters, Revolt Motion Recordings, ArtWorx by Boilz Zliob




AscendedMasters Hawaii

Ascended Masters is a hip hop duo consisting of Bliss (emcee) and DeeAre (producer). They have a nice boom bap, jazzy influence of music along with a peaceful message of love, peace and positivity. The truth lyrics haunt you to change your way of thinking and become aware of your environment. Don't follow the corrupted and political agenda. Rise above and open your mind. Peace ... more

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Track Name: Onmyoji - Ascended Masters
like onmyoji
on my only
last leg standing
empty handed
with my heart out
sandy colored
im wared out
fair pout
glare sprout
like a seedling
vet in my craft
but new to the
set in my wrath
subdued to the
like the sun beamin
on my golden
the power im holdin
enemies loathin
sword slice
ignore price
styles retribution
fuck distribution
i spread ashes
to the four winds
the more wings
the higher we fly
the more ink
the flier we write
juices flowin
like the bloodstream
on knives
stavin off the craving
one death at a time
merk emcees to
a beat
a romantic delight
samurai am i
glowin by the candle light
knee deep in desert paths
lookin for my next victim
free keepin heads
in my pack
souvenirs of the battles
i stack the attack
a pact with the rap arts
but not evil
plot premo
a toth revolt
thoughts elope
cough and gloat
pots of hope
spewing out a
to wash your filthy
a silty stout
to hop out
crops clout
the cloudy cursing
on my way
shout the name
its bliss all the same
you cavin to the
gave in to the obsolete
power devours your
hearts with one beat
deeare the free art
istic mystic with skills
to kiss you triptic
criptic with a systic
ecliptic feat
transformation from the womb
to the cradle
cradle to the grave
mis behavin to an ill treat
pavin the way
slaughterin the maze
that stands in my way
appraise my heart cupped
to catch the butterfly
chaos and order
go hand in hand
in depth
steady stepped on
the wept of the mothers
already left the sess pool
of the others love
my brothers tug
smotherly hugs
a shrug and the tight
of the bolt lock
we stoppin the leak
of the weak
like the anal probe
fatal blows
to the foes
of the industry
slate and spindles be
crinklin and wrinklin
the kinks out
tinker with the blinkers
we lightin the dark
sprinklin the hindrance
mitigate deliverance
litigate the slitherins
creepin in my hut
peepin toms of the cut
peddlin smut
devilish mutt
pebble in dust
rustic crusts
in the rebel soil
toil and tuss
with the fussin
of pollution
we flood the markets
like fish in a new stream
project our thoughts
like pictures of
the blue beam
aperture capture the
sound like a master
of the fotog
go skrog your way
pick up pennies to
the mill i on
while i grasp hearts
one at a time
no divi s ion
a pretty song
and i shred it line by line
a gritty long
play we said it
set the bar high
but im sure you could
reach it if you try
or let it on by
if the feelin doesnt
catch your i
im set in my mind
to make the dream reality
no failure of mine
you fail to teach
the speech of the prime
examples outta you
i make samples out
the blue
create the ample off the
collectin raindrops
like flood drains out the street
selecting brain ops
like bloodstains of defeat
we tamin the weak
namin the creep
complain then retreat
Track Name: True Grit - Ascended Masters
Im the grittiest misfit
prettiest and hideous
rolled into one
delight of the night
holding a gun
when i speak
i pull the trigger
at the split of the sun
hit the horizon
goin faster
then the reloaded drum
prepare for a stunning
calypso of the fear form
a hard hitting pistol
whip you into a still born
clip you until
you popped into a pill form
a thrill torn
by the sound of the real horns
and the terrential storm
redefinin the norm
by rewritin your own lore
i am the heartist
artist see more

Aimin my artillery
stingin em
like the killer bee
filler free
poisonous spit
remember me
i was the one
you called weak
when you slept on me
and now the sun is gone
since you crept on me
you wept for free
and now
you want a warm shoulder?
dont step on me
and expect for some help over
you can yelp
til youre blue in the face
whinin cryin
till you glued in one place
i pace
and you pace
twenty in fact
turn around for a duel
you owe me that
revolver in hand
its a fair game
one shot in life
is all that gods gave
one spotless shine
is all thats played
rephrase what you made
till you new and replaced
that bad taste
is what hell feels like
no time to chase
the case
come see what life looks liek
not that false reality
that you come to be
im done with fuckery
dont fuck with me
unless you ready to battle
i make love to the beat
but its time to cut the snakes rattle
splatter your grey matter
til the pain is fatter than
that nonsense you peddle
wasted chatter
straight static
i shoot flames when i spit
you puke brains
when it hits
no use to complain
just exit
before the damage is done
savagely spun
off the quick hip
this is a sick trip
like lsd licks
click click
now spark the tip
boom when its lit
you wanted war
then ill bring it
to your doorstep
floor it fast
case you wanna
float on past
my watch dogs
we squash hogs
by the crew
and lock horns
when we do
glock tore through
the few
who sit in the stu
and pretend to do work
not about who you know
its about who you are
i know the truth hurts
can you spit right on bar
im not ill by far
but i make the attempt
some people sit around
and dont even do it
just talks shit
till the day of the coptic
then you sit and pray
that aint the object
if real recognize real
i cant even see you
if deals mechanized meals
i cant say that id eat you
putrid to the tongue
lashed out by the gun
of my verbal grit
eternal shit
i make music everlasting
you got one liners
that'll make me skip passed it
tragic really
but i cant say that i blame you
if i had nothing to speak
tho i wouldnt have came through
have an opinion
but dont voice it to me
reign your dominion
dont poison my city
i take pity on those with no spine
dont dine with miserable swine
that live in their own shit
you can stay on that level
ill speak up here through the music
Track Name: Gate Keepers - Ascended Masters
This is a tale of
sim city
robotic droning
a grim pity
divy the shitty
to the 1 percent pretty
pay you a little
to get down to
the skivvys
oh what a gritty
gravy train we hittin
up with krylon
cover it
makin it privvy
to only unheards
if only the absurd
could take the
one word
make it majestic
like breathin
life into a dead
wake up the living
giving it the hard
like the drum
is my heart beating
the sample the vein
and the bass
the meeting of both
meaning to most
not usually recognizable
get down to the bone
to make it reconcilable
my part
un consolable
without the music
just mumbo jumbo
to ears who lose it
refuse to use it in
the proper dose
cause the love of the art
is what i offer most
nothin monetary
fuck is solitude
without the solitary

lets get it proper
like this is all
i got to offer
poppin off at the sound
walkin off if its bound
by process
lettin it flow
thats the object
like water out the tap
tricklin down
drip drop
the tickle profound
with hip hop
its the wrinkle in
that tinkers with
links up my
mind with
of the god kind
and evolution
in one sign
one line
we dead em
and forget em
behead em
ten times
like the guillotine
rappers do believe
and the laughers unseen
like the millipede
you still with me
get a feeling free
like floatin
on a cloud
above the highest tree
come fly with me
into the atmosphere
where atlas glares
into the glass sheer
shedding a tear
for every one
who aint here
thunder storms
of fear
is what you hear
when my mind
starts to clear
we peer to peer like
torrent to client gear

corrosive toxic
meltin this city
like acid rain
the flacid flame
takin to light
its insane
spark a match
and bear the pain
nothin like watchin
it burn slow
painful death blow
causes the earth to cry low
i am the voice
and i speak for all who listen
i made that choice
when i clutched a mic
now given
its not easy
and it can get so illicit
my words ignight
a passion in the wisdom
make you critical hit
like is this all that im missin
deep thought
connected to action
nuclear to fission
creating a rare seed
like babies with the vision
3rd eye open
and we never dismiss em
cleanin up the scene
like street sweepers
early to rise
late to leave
the gate keepers
super heroes of a sort
keepin the peace
skinnin the fleece
warmin the peeps
on the streets
bringin the heat
we are the elite
Track Name: Noxious - Ascended Masters
imma hit you where it hurts
right in ya heart chakra
cuddle up in your third eye
speak to ya heart mantra
puddle up in your ducts
like a tear my eye caught ya
orgasm for hours like osho
this is tantra
im a musical daughter
and this music i slaughter
imposter, not me
what i create is improper
out of the box
noxious fumes that i rocked ya
from the high i create
with this art form
that i taught ya
so let it be known
kiss the microphone
with bliss
nothin is hotter
your style is wishy washer
adopted like i foster
coppin my rhymes
guess what itll cost ya
coptic toxic nonsense
from ya lips
why bother
toss ya off the empire
game of mind
like rappin contra
u the pilot ponchous
negative type of conciousness
u mk ultra
and mind ultra empty
your rhyme space
mind state
not even worth the mp3
deadly venoms
spittin poison
im cobra commander
demandin respect
that ya neck cant handle
check it
be blessed
but dont mean that you matter
mantle place type dusty
rattle snake type cuspies
biting down on ya ventricles
tentacles cant reach me
why you clutchin a pentacle
mandables cramped from
lyrical excercisin
random foes get amped
always criticizin
while im grindin
capitalizing the B-L-I- Double ess
but this game is a mess
Mesh of a mash up
of non rhymin
alcoholic and drug users
hedonist cash cow worshippers
verbal abusers
respect the message
or you might catch wreck
cash checks, go ahead
but my technique
type deadly
heavily sedated mantra
topped with a wiki leak type plea
cree- ating
a pleaiade-an type freak
shreak at my speak
teak creaking as i peak
tweak when you seek it
a spirit molecule
like DMT
have you tastin the follicle
volatile like a molotov
kalishnakov type
guerilla tactics
imagery in your brain
ill smash it
vantage point of the himalayas
laser beam pin point
holographic sight
to damage joints
collabing with rhyme sayers
i dont rap
i speak prayers
reaching rap gods
in the heavens
simple steps
to perfection
Track Name: Reflexions - Ascended Masters
i poured my heart on canvas
and the ink laughed
moved around
so they wouldnt make a splash
danced along the paper
seepin through the back
i stand the flack wonderin
how to shellack
the right way
i make the bright day
dim with the glim of
set to trash even the
most exquisite
its how i feel
critics clash
but i keep stead fast
the heads gasp
at the wrot
i wrote
stranglin garote
side notes and
high jabs
straight to
i blame the criminal
high minded
shot capacity
they glance at me
only to see a mere
devils perception
puts the head first
dove into the stack
legs immersed
evolution of
bombard my head
with a fancy feast
primal beats
rage carnal
speech with
an uneasy mind
i dine with wavy
gravy of the herb
stint from knowledge
they burn my books
only to find out
im not the savior
yearn my cooks
only to despise the flavor

i travel a lengthy road
unravel the grovellin toad
make my dreams come to life
take my seams off tonight
a lofty fight
but i manage as
i look into the rearview
notice how far we've come through
as i hung my note
on a rusty coat and hanger
this game is a musty
cut to the throat
cloak and dagger
i soak and stagger
to take it all in
what have i done to
deserve this
bear all and grin
i wear all with in
and fair all with them
not fairweather
we brood the greatest storms
stood the test of the heinous forms
dungeon crawler
would have no other by my side
testament to no pride
just a skin i am born in
hopefully to shed when i do
take to flight
cause its worn thin
and if i could i would
trade it in for a new
like a used car
my soul torn down
by those who stomp
on my aural energy
treading too heavily
for my thoughts to bare
so i wear a smile ever so slightly
to hide the glare

like the sonata flitterin
through the essence
my armada is my presence
level the several
effervescent and pubescent
with the lesson
of the pick yourself up
and try again
lick your wounds
and find a friend
hug the air if youve
no one to care
wearin your feelins
on the sleeve can prove
quite deadly
but not weak
open to the stab wounds
of the gab bafoons
hopin the gash blooms
into a pretty scar
i have so many by far
the biggest is the one is
in my heart
embrace the art
like it were my child
and protect her
to the death of me
going to war for
those who stand next to me
prevailin the trials
of those who judge
yet never brave the
heaviest seas
come twist with me
into the vast ocean
of reverence
no ego cause she
misrepresents me
weighing in my choices
one false move and we lose
no back peddling
for to go back means
submitting to losin
we cant do that
i refuse it
Track Name: Razor's Edge - Ascended Masters
a broken spirit
a broken home
out tokin alone
chokin on my feelings
im blown
way out of my dome

how do i atone
where can i roam
a focal zone
where i can drown in my own

to let it be known
depressed down on my soul
down on my luck
god i wish some one would just give a fuck

awe struck
off the situtation im stuck with
dumb sick off this
numb ness
im done with this

feelin down in the dumps
a spiritual slump
numb my life
a razor blade slice
would feel so nice
right about now

enticing me to be free
of the perpetual heaving
of all that im seeing
im a positive being

but i can only take so much pain
im so drained
music can change you
with just one saying

but my brain is overloaded
my story over. wrote it
flickin the over doting
i cant hold it on my shoulders

this game is rigged and
the dices always loaded
holdin on by a thin thread
the rules are always golden
im lost in this cold, molded
why wont this world just end
i am but a tiny human being
in a world of many men
ive said to them many things
but my words always tread
like my head above the water
im drowning in a sea of red
bleeding hearts never get fed
using remedies
stop whats being said
inside my head

im drownin like the lochness
cant take the nonsense
i cant see the truth
but still wanna believe it

pseudo intellectuals
divide life into sectionals
not feelin complete
every action
consensual emotions
tattered soul folds up
like the passion
my minds not practical

de tachable
and my pain
seems laughable
everytime i move my mandible
realities intangible
look at life from
every angle though
not a pack animal
domesticatin me
not applicable
rather than makin my life
ill be spendin my time rhymin
inside of a mic vestabule
while the rest of you